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Knitting a beanie for myself using my own hair



Puno, Peru / Yokohama, Japan, April 2014

3 photographs of the artist with documentary video

After finishing the project ‘Knitting a woolen jumper for the sheep I sheared’ I started to grow my hair out with the idea of knitting a beanie from the spun hair. While in Peru for the project ‘Weaving a scarf for the alpaca I sheared using its own wool’ I discovered that a spinner, recommended to me by local people, might be able to spin human hair though it is reputedly difficult to do. So after two years of growing, without cutting, I shaved my head while in Peru and with the help of the spinner made one ball of wool. Later, when I visited my mother in Japan I asked her to help me knit the beanie - this was my first artistic collaboration with my mother.


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