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From Berlin to Hamburg, Germany, December 2007

From Vienna to Krems, Austria, February 2008

From Sagamihara to Kawasaki, Japan, August 2008

From Kanagawa to Hiroshima, Japan, October 2008

From Taipei to Taichung, Taiwan, August 2012

Documentary video with wooden box, CCD camera, Video recorder, Batteries and Cables.

How is a parcel delivered? How do notions of movement and travel apply to the parcel, as an object or entity positioned in between an origin and a destination? My curiosity around processes of mobilisation - and the unknown spaces traversed between real and metaphoric borders - led me to carefully consider how I could record and document contemporary conditions of transit and transference. After some experimentation, I invented a ‘moving’ box containing a hidden camera, which recorded journeys through the various stages of a postal delivery system. During the making of this device, I was asked by a fellow artist if I was making a bomb. This question aroused insecurities within me, leading me to question a global anxiety around correspondence and a collective paranoia insinuated by acts of terrorism.


荷物はどのように届くのだろう?通常郵便や宅配便で荷物を送付する際、荷物が送り先から相手に届くまでの実際の行程を知る術はない。しかし私は荷物の中にビデオカメラ仕掛けることで行程の一部始終を録画し、誰も知ることがなかった荷物のリアルな移動記録を初めて明らかにすることに成功した。 ベルリンの彫刻ワークショップで本作品を作っている時、あるアーティストに冗談まじりに「おまえは爆弾をつくっているのか?」と聞かれたのである。彼の質問によって世界中でテロが起きている昨今の世界情勢下、本作品の移動が誤解による大きな問題をもたらす可能性をはらんでいると確信した。

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