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Mandatory Quarantine


Haneda Inn, Tokyo, Japan, September 2021

5 min Video

When I returned to Japan in August 2021, Japan was organizing the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. They divided the International terminal of the Haneda airport, Tokyo, into two areas for the immigration process: one for people arriving for the Olympics; and the other for all the people not coming for the Olympics. As I came to Japan not for the Olympic, there were many conditions for entry into the country given the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of the conditions that the government imposed on me was that I was obliged to install several applications onto my smartphone, which let them track my location using GPS during the 14 days of mandatory quarantine. Without notice, they video-called me every day at a different time. When I accepted the video call, there was nobody there. It would automatically start recording my face with the background to verify that I was where I said that I was. There was no option of declining the calls, as we were threatened that non-compliance would result in our names going on a public black list. I disagree with this ridiculous monitoring system that Japan created to control people during the pandemic. To protest it, I created a video work using their monitoring video calls that were made every day during my mandatory quarantine.



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