The championship of the most irritating objects during my residency


Flax Art Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland, March 2009

Mixed Media

I am pleased to announce the final result of “the championship of the most irritating objects during my residency”. It was difficult for me to decide the final ranking because the standard of the candidates was very high and the ranking has been changed dramatically everyday.

(No.1) The toilet seat which unfastens every day.

(No.1) The broken switch for the ceiling light in the bathroom.

(No.2) The entrance-door lock that is very difficult to close.

(No.3) The limp IKEA chair.


今回皆様に「レジデンス滞在でのいらついた物選手権」の最終ランキングを発表できることを非常にうれしく思います。 候補者それぞれのレベルは高くランキングは毎日劇的に変化していたため、最終選考は予想以上に難航しました。


(一位) 毎日はずれる便座 

(一位) 壊れたトイレの電気スイッチ 

(二位) 閉めるのが非常に困難なドアの鍵 

(三位) ぐにゃぐにゃで自立しないIKEAの椅子


Flax Art Studios
Havelock House, Ormeau Road
Belfast, BT7 1EB, Northern Ireland, UK

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