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Identity T-shirts Project


1. MES 56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, February 2018

2.Taromak Tribe, Taitung, Taiwan, July 2018

3. Exhibition staffs, National Museum of Prehistory, Taitung, Taiwan, July 2018

4. Artists and staffs, Artists’ Retreat No-mu, Kyoto, Japan, 2019

5. Grumpy Green Biddies, Kerry, Ireland, September, 2019

Photograph and T-shirts

When I see T-shirts with text in the shops, I always find hard to find T-shirts that express my identity. In this workshop we will make T-shirts with appropriate text, which represents the identity of all participants. After T-shirt making we will take group photos together. All participants will get T-shirts for free after participating the workshop.

I’m originally from Japan. Since I settled in Belfast in 2010, I‘ve been always more conscious about my different identity as a minority of Japanese in the society of Northern Ireland. I wonder how other people think about their own identity. Clothes are just one way that people affirm their identity. Traditionally they have made assertions that are sometimes limiting, or incorrect, about age, gender and class, but can more subtly indicate our mood, preferences and self-esteem. Sometimes they literally tell stories through slogans. These are usually mass-produced and impersonal by big corporations, which don’t allow the wearer (or consumer) to self-identify and tell their own story. I am interested in the stories that communities tell through their choices of clothing, and in the slogans that individuals would select to describe themselves or an aspect of themselves. I have worked for a number of years with community participants and clothing in a number of ways across different countries.




Photo 1, 2 : MES56 / Photo 2,3  : Shang Lin Wu / Photo 4 : Takuya Yamaguchi /

Photo 5,6 : Paul Moore

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