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Graffiti after March 11


From Tokyo to Fukushima, Japan, December 2011

9 min Video

After the earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 11th 2011, I returned to Japan to get a better understanding of how the disaster had affected my home country. As an artist whose work reflects social issues, this was of importance to me. I drove from Tokyo to the nuclear power plants in Fukushima, along the way measuring the level of radiation with my Geiger counter. Wherever I stopped, I checked the radiation level of the site. I left the number/record visually in each site responding to the environment in the placement. Radiation levels change every day in affected areas. I used a graffiti style approach, choosing to use an ephemeral method of making marks from the things around me; the recorded number will easily disappear after a period time. Witnessing the devastation and sad reality of my home country, I've documented my entire journey from Tokyo to Fukushima recording my action of leaving numbers in various locations along the way. 



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