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Neo Mt. Fuji after March 11


December 2018

CGimage (Source: found image from the internet )

After the nuclear disaster in Japan on 11th March 2011 a huge area of the Japanese landscape has been destroyed by radiation. The Japanese government now has a new job trying to decontaminate areas from radioactive fallout. They removed the radioactive soil from the ground; they have kept it in flexible intermediate bulk containers. Vast numbers of black bags of radioactive waste have devastated the Japanese landscape around the Fukushima area, threatening our future. In 2019 the government announced the absurd plan to recycle 99% of radioactive soil to be repurposed in public projects. 

Mt. Fuji, the most famous mountain in Japan has inspired Japanese artists throughout the history of the country. I too have been creatively inspired by its presence in the landscape and during "Mt. Fuji Exhibition 2.0"; I made a CGimage depicting a mountain made of radioactive waste resembling Mt. Fuji.




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