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Feeding Carrots from the South to Wild Donkeys in the North



Cyprus, July 2022

14 min Video

Political conflict in Cyprus has divided the country into a Southern Greek side and a Northern Turkish side, in addition to the border of the Buffer Zone, known as the "Green Line”, which is controlled by the United Nations. 
The division of the country has created logistical restrictions as well as the need to physically pass through a border to travel from one side to the other. After the division of Cyprus in 1974, many donkeys which belonged to farmers were abandoned and became wild. Since then, the number of wild donkeys has multiplied.  The wild donkeys are protected by the common law of both sides of Cyprus. A lot of wild donkeys live in no man's land in Northern Cyprus. I am interested in the fact that while the political conflict has resulted in a loss of freedom for the people of Cyprus, Cypriot donkeys have acquired more freedom and have become a symbol of anarchy in the country.
After checking the Crossing Points - Green Line Regulations, I discovered that exceptions occur for the transportation of goods, such as vegetables, firewood and one bouquet of cut flowers: I was allowed to transport these through the border. So, crossing the border of the country with carrots, firewood and one bouquet of cut flowers from Southern Cyprus, I travelled to Northern Cyprus. Once there, I met some of the wild donkeys and gave them the presents that I had brought and tried to feed them.  This site specific intervention was my response to the political division of the country.


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