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Covering Japanese products with concrete


Tainan, Taiwan, October 2013

Japanese products sold in Taiwan after March 11, Cement, Sand and Bandage

After the nuclear disaster in Japan, on 11th March 2011 the Japanese government has been secretive about the reality of how the land has been severely polluted and damaged by radiation. In fact, without firm regulation or inspection, a lot of Japanese products have been sold nationally and internationally.

During my time in Tainan, Taiwan, I collected products made in Japan and exported after the disaster that may also contain radiation. Putting my feelings to one side as a Japanese person, I covered everything with concrete, as was done with the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, encasing everything in concrete, as a stone coffin of sorts. It’s the only way they could contain the radiation inside to prevent it from spreading.

In 2015 the Taiwanese government introduced stricter rules around importing Japanese food. In 2018, seven years after the disaster, the majority of people in Taiwan voted to maintain a ban on the importation of food from five Japanese prefectures.




Photo : Miao Day

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