New-style Bar 'All Alone'


Iroha-Yokocho(いろは横丁), Sendai, Japan, August 2004

Mixed media

All Alone is a traditional Izakaya-style Japanese pub version of Masuyama’s former work, Supposed Opening.  Considering that Supposed Opening took place in a flame of an art exhibition, All Alone was conducted as an experiment to see how Masuyama’s installation functioned in a public space - a city.  This project actually went into business as a bar in Sendai’s Iroha-Yokocho where small Japanese-style pubs and bars are gathered.  There are three booths and the entrance of each has a tapestry with an original Japanese-calligraphy-style logo.  As Masuyama adopted Western style in Supposed Opening, here, he filled All Alone with the flavor of a traditional Japanese pub.   


「Supposed Opening」居酒屋版。「Supposed Opening」が展覧会の枠組みで実施されたのに対して、この作品は過去のパブリックプロジェクト同様、増山の作品を都市の中にインストールしたらどう機能するかを探る実験。小ぶりの居酒屋か軒をつらねる居酒屋街、仙台市内のいろは横丁に実際に設置し営業。個室を3設置。個々の入り口は店舗のオリジナルロゴ付き暖簾。「Supposed Opening」の入り口がアメリカンなウエスタンスタイルのデザインだったのに対して、「ひとりぼっち」ではのれんを利用。日本の伝統的なスタイルをデザインに盛り込んだ。

Photo : Norihiko Koizumi