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10 Years Project


Mikiko Sato Gallery,  Hamburg, Germany, April 2005 - May 2017

Book making project through a decade

A decade is an arbitrary but convenient measure of time; long enough to experience the twist and turns of life. One survey and one photograph, gathered a decade apart, and are enough to mark substantial changes in a person’s life. Sixty-six individuals participated in this project over the course of a decade, from countries including Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Australia, Sweden and Portugal. Their original surveys and images are brought together and bound in the form of a handmade artist’s book. I also printed an exhibition catalogue, of which participants received a copy. The project is an attempt to keep record of various people as they move through time and space. The project was originally launched in at Mikiko Sato Gallery, Hamburg, as part of the 3rd Triennial of Photography, held in Hamburg in 2005. In 2017, Masuyama returned to the gallery for another iteration of the exhibition and the launch of the publication.  


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