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Attracting my neighbors


Asiatopia House, Nan, Thailand, December 2017


My half year residency Blog :

In Thailand I saw pavilions everywhere, along the street or in the gardens of each house, known as ‘Sala’. They exist as the meeting point and social gathering place for each community, as well as a shelter to protect people from strong sunlight in such a hot climate. These communities often open up the Salas for use by strangers who visit there. Asiatopia House, a residency venue located in the rural village of Nan, annually welcomes artists based nationally and internationally, although they do not have a Sala. My contribution to the community during this residency was to create a Sala for Asiatopia House, using traditional Japanese design techniques and materials, such as soil walls. At the end of my stay, we invited the villagers to the Sala, where I cooked traditional Japanese food. My artwork fundamentally engages people. Due to Asiatopia House’s rural location, I adapted to working with a smaller group of people than usual, but also naturally shifted to involving animals, insects and responding to the natural environment around me. Throughout my residency I also tried to contact various creatures that I encountered, as well as spirits. I struggled throughout to make connections with all of them.




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