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Love Bench Project


IMMA - Irish Museum of Modern Art(アイルランド近代美術館), Dublin, Ireland, November 2006

Wood, Plexiglass and Cutting sheet

Following my time living in Berlin, my perceptions of Western societies indicated that their populations are more comfortable expressing their sexual identities in public than those in Japanese society. This intervention, installed temporarily for public usage in the courtyard of IMMA during my 2006 residency, invited participants to self-select a bench for lovers to sit on. Through pictograms, a set of three differently designed benches denoted that they welcomed couples of all genders and sexualities to embrace their identities in public spaces. The accompanying exhibition featured documentation of the benches being used and the decisions that participants made as the benches simultaneously welcomed, confused and ultimately accepted them. This project was developed from ideas that first interested me in 1996 with the work ‘Tama River Project’



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